$45.00 USD - $50.00 USD

Tattoo Permission Pack

Do you love my art work so much that you want it done as a tattoo?

Well I am just beyond delighted, honored and excited that you are drawn to getting one of my designs as a tattoo! It really is one of the highest compliments as an artist so, thank you!

My Tattoo Permission Pack includes:

1. A printed and personalized permission pass that gives you the right to use my design for a tattoo with both your name and my artwork's name on it. (If you would like a digital file as well, please specify in the NOTES/INSTRUCTIONS section at check out and it will be emailed to you.)

2. A physical art print that you can bring to your tattoo artist for reference and then after, hang in your work space or home!


1. This permission pass must be provided to the tattoo artist when you're ready for the tattoo.

2. This permission pass is valid for one person and design only and cannot be transferred or duplicated to avoid any copyright infringement. If you would like additional designs as a tattoo, please purchase each Tattoo Permission Pack separately out of respect for my art and artistic copyright.

3. When the tattoo is complete, if you share photos on social media please tag me @chrensetter and give your tattoo artist credit as well!

Only a select few of my designs will be listed. If there is one that you are interested in but don't see it here, please send me an email to [email protected] or go to the "CONTACT" section of this website and please send me a message that way!

Print Sizes:
-In E-Files We Trust: 5" x 7"
-Tarot Card: 5.50" x 9.5"
-Ouija Board: 8.4" x 5.3"