$5.25 - $17.75

Sticker Bundles

Can't choose which sticker you want? Why not get them all?! Snag any of these super cute sticker bundles and stick 'em anywhere!

**Ultimate Nail Tech Sticker Bundle #1 Includes:

1-Nail Tech Sticker (Holographic)
1-Nails Nails Nails Sticker
1-Nail Technician Sticker
1-Acetone Bottle Sticker
1-Chrensetter Nails Logo Sticker
=5 Stickers Total

**Ultimate Nail Tech Sticker Bundle #2 Includes:
1-Barbicide Gallon Sticker
1-The Nail Tech Tarot Card Sticker
1-Gel Lamp Sticker (Holographic Glitter)
1-Nail Artist Sticker
=4 Stickers Total

**Ultimate Nail Tech Sticker Bundle #3 Includes:
1-Practice Finger Sticker
1-Practice Hand Sticker
1-Nail Brushes Sticker (Holographic)
1-Nippers (Brushed Aluminum)
1-E-File Sticker (Holographic)
1-Nail Polish Bottle Sticker (Mirror)
=6 Stickers Total

**Caffeine Bundle Includes:
1-Frappuccino "Nailfie" Sticker (Holographic)
1-Iced Coffee "Nailfie" Sticker (Holographic)
1-Matcha "Nailfie" Sticker (Holographic)

**In E-Files We Trust Sticker Bundle Includes:

1-Vanilla Sticker
1-Caramel Sticker
1-Chocolate Sticker
=3 Stickers Total

**Boba "Nailfie" Sticker Bundle Includes:
1-Milk Tea Sticker
1-Thai Tea Sticker
1-Taro Milk Tea Sticker
=3 Stickers Total

**Chrensetter Nails Duo Sticker Duo Includes:

1-Chrensetter Logo Sticker
1-Chrensetter Logo Sticker (Holographic)
=2 Stickers Total

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